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Ahad Julai 16, 2006









Otai rock





underground scene


The Siblings

THE SIBLINGS was first formed early 2002 when Tam (21) and his older brother Sham (23) moved to Subang Jaya from Taiping, Perak to find better jobs. At first they were the only both of them jamming in the nearest studio G Sound and Tam, was on lead guitars and Sham was on drums. The band haven't got a bassist until miss Jay (20) joined and they often jammed the tracks of A.C.A.B, THE SUSPECTS and SATURDAY HEROES. Sometimes they tried some new own songs written by themselves. Achik a.k.a Herry (25) retired from the military and joined his two younger brother after they moved to Shah Alam.. He took place as bassist and miss Jay played the rhythm guitars and on female vocals. Their first song was Really Love You, composed by Tam and written by miss Jay. In just 2 months they created 4 songs and most songs are influenced by local ska bands like CORUMN 80's (R.I.P) and GERHANA SKACINTA and some songs are more likely to labelled as rocksteady and street rock. At first the name given was The Simple Siblings and their first gig was in Klang last 31st May 03. It was okay for a first time and at the moment the line up was still the same until Shieza (20) joined the band as a back up vocallist and on tambourines. They performed for the 2nd time in July at the same place before and played 4 tracks of their own and 1 cover song. After a few weeks, they offered Along (26) from Penyangak ( a CrustPunk Hardcore band) to take over the drums as they figured out Sham is more talented in singing so he took place as the lead vocallist in the band. Finally, the band was officially formed as THE SIBLINGS and here they are, with lots of hardwork and supports from their friends, they created 10 songs and had recorded 6 of them. The band's first demo was released in August 03 and this time they are more to street rock but some are still rocksteady with a little bit of ska influence. Tam and achik is currently staying and working in Shah Alam, sham is staying and working in Sunway City. miss Jay is staying in Subang Jaya and is a graphic design student in Limkokwing University and Shieza is staying in Ampang and studying in Kolej Shahputra Pekan, Kuantan.

New lineup are:
1. miss jay on vox and guitars
2. shieza on vox and tambourine
3. tam on lead
4. sham on drums

5. achik@herry on bass