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Ahad Julai 16, 2006









Otai rock





underground scene


Plague Of Happiness


Past eight years we have been together, not as a band but as a friend. It’s always about skateboarding and having lots of fun. We get together every weekend, sometimes skate overnight till the next day… and not even felt worn out. Now when we hang out we always ask ourselves… why we didn’t think about forming a band past 8 years. Well there’s a reason, however we are grateful what we became today. I didn’t remember the day we form a band, but… the one who start it is Kudut, Ipin and Nas. We are just a three-piece band playing shitty crappy songs. We don’t have the talent… we couldn’t get the song to finish either. However we didn’t give a shit about it because we playing for fun… When years past by, we getting better and better (I guess!)… I mean there’s a good progress in playing music. Rancid and Ops Ivy was the band that makes us going and do things right. We too influenced by a bunch of local band such as ACAB for their popular “Fight For Your Right”, Free Spike Free “New World Order” and Never Ending Threat “What’s the point”… they gave us a good base to commit. Then came Kemuri… this band responsible for making us add a horns section in our band. We do a lot of tired ass searching for a player around land of paper horses… but end up disappointed. Well we stop our search before we found any player to commit with because we change our plan. We decide NOT to search anymore… we decide to make our own horns player. So, we talk to some of our friends to join us and ended up assign Nausad and Atoi as our Horns player at certain terms… such as collect money buying musical instruments and go to music classes and learn how to blow. At the same time we also recruit another guitarist named Sureas, he also our long time skate friend. After few gigs in Pasir Gudang and Johor Bahru we recruit Azmal to play tenor saxophone. We recruit him as the same method as we recruit Nausad and Atoi… the weird part is we didn’t have any tenor sax. Yet. So, we bought a secondhand trombone at Qlark Quay before we buy T.Sax on December 2001. February 2001, we start our first recording at Batu Giling Studio… this project called Demo-Nanban. There’s a story behind the making of this Demo. Actually our friend decided to make a Plague video clip and send it to the MVA (Malaysia Video Awards) around April 2001. He acts as a Director, Camera Man, etc… it was hilarious and tired too. We have a great time and felt stupid at the same time. After that, he requests us to pick a song and record a jam session to mix it with the video clip. Unfortunately the jam session doesn’t sound right… so we decided to record the song properly. After a few discussion, and extra money we choose to record our first demo and hand over one song to our friend for his project. After few weeks we manage to put out 6 songs in a master tape but we weren’t able to finish the MVA Projects because entry date expires. Sorry Amat @ Che mad for the late reply… thanks for your interest, support, commitment and dedication maybe we will manage to put it this coming MVA. After completing the demo… it takes us about 5 months to gather some money and print it out as cassette. However, our struggle pays when people start to mail and review our demo... reading our history and it shows them really appreciated what we doing right now… coming to our shows. Even say hi on the streets… it really felt good. Makes some new friends… it really strengthens our spirit to keep on going.
For more info about this band, visit Plague of Happiness