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Ahad Julai 16, 2006









Otai rock





underground scene




When skinhead cult emerged in the city of Alor Star, there's so many activities that the boys do on Saturday, it such like jamming the oi! music. These boys have talent to play the music instrument, and they really love the oi! Sound, so they have decided to form a band. From his, they started practice and thinking to give a name for their band. One day Mat Kie and Botak Azim, think why not OFF SIDE became their band name. They have told the band members about their ideass and they was accept it. There became OFFSIDE as the oi! and Street Punk band in Alor Star. Because they are Skinheads their influence also the oi! band such like SHAM 69, OXYMORON, THE BUSINESS, LAST RESORT, THE BLITZ, OPPRESSED, COCK SPARRER and local band like A.C.A.B, ROOTS N BOOTS, THE OFFICIAL and many more. They have practice a lot to achieve their ambition. These 5 young Skinheads with the spirit of the oi! and street music want to make something that can be proud of Alor Star Skinheads crew. There are Hiero as vox, Jan K.K as 1st guitar, Milah as a 2nd guitar, Mat Kie as a bassist and Botak (Azim) as a drummer stand as one in the name of OFFSIDE have start the revolution and ready to oi! the world with sound they played. They have play in many gig and gigs around Alor Star, and not at all gigs they play is a Skinheads gigs, sometime they got a problems with the organizer because they are not skinhead. But that was not mean to broke the spirit. They want people to know that they wasn't innocent. For the 1st time they got a chance to perform a gig in Ipoh, It was their 1st gig outside from Kedah and 1st time perform in skinhead gig. There go with all Alor Star skinheads crew by bus, with 44 crew of Alor Star skinheads. The gigs was held with full of fun and pride. After that gig, THE OFFSIDE has gone and silent for a moment. It was because the bandboy was busy with studying and do their own job. But the boy's strike again with compilation album (Wait Semenet a.k.a Lust Minute Compilation) produced by Stuck Music Records. OFFSIDE was record their killer song "Hijau Kuning" and "Warrior". This compilation was a great step to introduce OFFSIDE and their music to all skinheads and people in Alor Star and all oi! music lover. Just like the other band, OFFSIDE also losing a bandmate, Botak (Azim) as a drummer was leave the band for study and the other bandmate was upset losing a very talented drummer. A few days later, drum position was replaced by Nazatt. 2OO3 is the lucky and a very good year for OFFSIDE, for the 1st time OFFSIDE was invited to perform at their hometown (Alor Star). For 2nd time THE OFFSIDE feel verylucky and they play again in the Alor Star at the same place at Dewan Leong Say Thong. But at the end of 2OO3, Hiero (vox) was decided to leave the band because he got job to do. But with the spirit and soul of the oi!, they had found Ustad as a new vocal for OFFSIDE. Started from that day, Ustad as vocal, Jan K.K as 1st guitar, Milah as a 2nd guitar, Mat Kie as a bassist and Nazatt as a drummer. OFFSIDE was stand with this line-up until today to to rock on all the skinhead.This achieved was not only for them but this is for the ALOR STAR SKINHEADS CREWS too..So welcome to the world of OFFSIDE and ALOR STAR SKINHEADS Scene!! All of you shout with me so loud! Oi! Oi! Oi!