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Ahad Julai 16, 2006









Otai rock





underground scene


Generation 69

Generation 69 officially formed in late '96. Although the band members had gotten together since 1995, it was not until a year later that they began to rehearse cover versions of the Last Resort, Angelic Upstarts, The Business, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, etc. The line up then consisted of Kojack on vocals, Wan Shah on guitars, Kim on bass & Pekjal on drums.

In 1998, Pekjal was sentenced to prison due to one charges too many & this resulted in the delay of their debut 'Skinhead' demo. A few months back, Ismail had been invited as 2nd guitarist & he then got his cousin Boy Amin as a substitute on the drum seat. The band finally got in the recording studio & 'Skinhead' demo was released in February 1999. This line-up was one of their best so far & things were to remain unchanged for the next 5 years.

After receiving rave reviews both in & out of Singapore about their tape, they proceeded to record their 2nd demo - Trouble on the streets. It was released in November 2000 after much discussion within the band itself. The band has now gone from strength to strength in releasing all their albums & have even been in some top-notch compilations around the world.

2001 saw the band signing on the dotted lines of the contract with Malaysian's top streetpunk label, Clockwork Records for their debut 'Strength Thru Strength' album. It was finally released on the first week of 2002 but the band did not manage to play any gigs to support this release as Wan Shah was too busy doing national slavery. That particular album had also caught the eyes of Europe's elite & best in DSS Records. A deal was struck & DSS liked the band so much that they helped them re-release 'Strength Thru Strength' for sale worldwide. Generation 69 had become the first-ever Oi! band to have their album released by a European label.

For 2003, Generation 69 were ready to go in the studio again to record their 2nd album titled - 'Not Just Another band'. This was in response of the struggle they had for the past 7 years throughout the band's difficult times, They were banned in a lot of places (ain't telling where's that!), someone got backstabbed, ran into financial difficulties, favourism amongst fellow-musicians & had their wives left them with their tails between their legs. But the major news turned out to be the sacking of vocalist Kojack after some serious in-band discussions. Generation 69 became sick of all that & the thought of splitting even came to mind. What could happen next? Amidst all that, they persevered & now, only the future could tell what lies beneath the iron curtain...